Scoop News Group is the leading public sector tech media company in the country. SNG is comprised of CyberScoop, FedScoop, StateScoop and EdScoop and engages top CIOs, CTOs and CISOs from the public sector and tech community both online and in-person every single day through news, events, radio and TV.

How We Got Started

On October 1, 2008 we launched an innovative and out-of-the-box daily online news site that pulled together the latest news about federal IT trends. It was a one-stop shop for news and the Gov IT community embraced it and loved it.

Despite the site's tremendous success we realized the need for something equally as powerful: To bring together the people behind the news by creating a community platform for government IT executives -- from the White House to top leaders from federal agencies, academia and the tech industry -- to share ideas, collaborate, and learn.

Six Years Later

Today, FedScoop, is the leading Gov IT media company in Washington, D.C. We engage top IT decision makers and influencers from government and the tech industry every day both online and in-person.

Our newsletter, The Daily Scoop, is the most widely distributed newsletter in the government IT community with over 100,000 subscribers in the D.C. metro area.

StateScoop features the latest leaders and innovators, news, and events in state and local government technology. We gather leaders from across state and local government, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology can improve state government, and to exchange best practices and identify ways to achieve common goals.

And our events, including FedTalks, are considered the best VIP gatherings in Washington, bringing the right people together and consistently featuring some of the most sought-after speakers from government and the tech industry.

Collectively, they've made the Scoop News Group brand synonymous with quality. That's reflected by our client and sponsor list which includes the biggest tech companies in the world.

Leadership Team
>> Award winning executive & gov IT strategist >> Connected leader in the gov IT community >> Created the most powerful platform for education & collaboration for leaders from government and the tech industry
>> Seasoned event logistics and project management leader >> 16 years experience directing top Federal & State IT VIP events
>> 15 years of client engagement leadership experience >> Exceptional relationship & community builder with VIPs from gov and tech
>> Award winning editorial leader with significant relationships in the gov IT community >> Strategic content expert responsible for content strategy & building community in emerging new markets
>> 12 years experience in operations, digital strategy, and event marketing >> Background in leading creative projects from concept to delivery
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